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Related Links

The Book

Inside Tube Amps by Dan Torres
<<<Torres Super Midrange Tone
<< Torres Pickup Blender
Great stuff
Search for Tube Amps--      EBAY <<click on that

MiniDisc live recording --see;

Love this one,
hey, send one on over.

Best stuff on earth, also try the Katana.

 Who else says;
1st  to us, is your satisfaction;
so let us know if everything is not exactly as you expected"
 in a email to a customer?----Thanks Mr. Keeley,

,,, Click
"I LOVE MiNE"-----Terry
Hear "Wonderment" <<<<click
made with the best compressor in the World
Keeley  Compressors on the march,
takeing over the world.
Pedal Board Noise 60cycle hum?
 go to GeoFX to make your own noise free power supply
<<The Book on Vintage Effects
plus all kinds of  awesome pedals he/they make.
Have a look and Buy one!!
Hey Melody Custom Guitars
check out  Nates awesome work
oh the sweet guitars.
And an awesome dude too..
(does all my set up, the guys a gent and a good friend)
Buy one from him
<<Want to know somethintg
Elliott Sound Products

 Amp Companies
Kits, parts, Finished amps, good prices
From Texas
go there and buy one
Area 51 Amps and Mods
and Tubes too
Check out the tube amp Mods, sweet stuff!!

 SAS Audio Labs
nice stack

Mesa -

So Flo

he'll be up soon!

 AMP Modification Companies
Awesome Tube Amp Mods, and Handwound Pickups,
Lots of other stuff too....

Marshall Mods from Heaven,
kt88's so nice.
 These Mods and Amps are the best,
if your in the market for a 50 or 100 watt tube guitar Amp.
Buy One!!!!

Mesa,Marshall, Vox, Paevey, go there and see them all!!!

(We specialize in modifications, restortations and custom built tube amps.
We are just as obsessed with tone as you are and whether you are looking
 for a high gain amp or a beautiful clean amp,
we can get you the tone you are looking for ) Thats from them!!

The card for DAW
Matrox graphics card

What is The Bias Point
(and highhead room?)
read the best exlpanation
I ever did hear at The Tube
and buy a tube or 4
after reading about them as substutes for el34's ,the are finally available.
lost for years as the available supply dried up,
 and we thought gone forever, there back.  at
caps too!!
Tube Data Sheets    (you rock)

First read about Tube company names at TRIODEEL.COM

American and European -number replacements

Slyvania Tube Charts from 1959
the home site
Thank you , Bill Beech
his site

el34 data

6l6 data

12ax7 data

What Tubes sound Best? see
thanks Triodeel, The folks are real gents

<<<more on the subject
The 12AY7 has slightly less gain than a 12AT7,
 (12AY7 gain = 44, 12AT7 gain = 60, 12AX7 gain = 100)
12AY7's  used to be in tube audio  ok the pic is 12at7's
 They have a great, clean tone. and are strong.

see the manley mahi, they use a 12AT7WA
<click here for the sweetest audio amps.
spy satelite photos of tubes on the march.
The boys from the ranch
The Russian Boys
Russian Audiophile Triodes 6C33C-B

Carbon Comp resistors? <<click
also see --tube faqs/
Using the Carbon Comp Resistor for Magic Mojo?
go to for the real poop
"First, they do no good and lots of noisy bad
 where the signal level is small and the following
 amplification is high - a classical description of an input stage.
The input to an amp should probably have a metal film plate resistor
to minimize noise. "    read more at Geofex
I use these guys alot!!!!
All Electronics Corp.
14928 Oxnard St.
Van Nuys, CA 91411-2610
good stuff // cheep
Ibuy alot of stuff here!!
The best Trannys

Ruby Tubes

Dr.Tube marshall stuff and tubes

Fundamental Properties of tubes

 Basic Tube outlines
cool stuff here
Blackface, marshall u name it
hey send me a shirt?
DAW free?
support these guys!!!
d/l free
and Protools/free also
Dont forget  My  other  web site
Speakers for Everybody
 for some awesome speakers
 Great close out celestions// and Great new Cabs   dinotune---

Speaker Repair --


Small Bear- DIY store
General Guitar Gadgets<<click
This is the place for circut boards, parts amp kits all kinds of Gadgets and build stuff
 All things CryBaby Pedals
<<The Book on Vintage Effects
plus all kinds of  awesome pedals he/they make.
Have a look and Buy one!!
Area 51 Parts---(competitave prices)

 for Chokes and Trannys output and power.
Excelent stuff here. High Quality
sent me the wrong one
Magic Parts

Speaker Repair --

Triode Electronics Home Page and World HQ

thanks Pat

Just gobbs of them here


Lots here

 Grill Cloth Sources
  A guy emailed me about sources for grill cloths
 so it made me think
 I would list what I know here..

The coolest is

good  luck
 Misc Cool Stuff
Frank's cool site, w/all kinds of stuff on Tubes

Tube numbering Systems

The absolute beginnings of Tubes-
Read all
The Sano Amp Site
Have cd/dvd's  made for you
Kid In trouble ?,
Well,  if they havent comitted a crime, and can piss clean,
send them here.

 The Best Military Films
Cool Flicks
Radio Afghanastan

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Tube Amp Hall of Fame#36
Tube Amp Hall Of Fame #37
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Tube Amp Hall of Fame #40
1971 Prowler
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Satelitte pics
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