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Tube Amp Hall of Fame#36
Marshall JCM 800 model 4210
6L6 power tubes supplying 50 Watts
strange tubes should be 6550 or el34, but hey
12ax7 pre, tone, and inverter
this one 1983
this gave me an idea, and I did it to my 4010 marshall and that baby breathes now
The taps are on your output trany 16, 8, 4, ohn it was easy

 Mesa/Boogie 100/60 watt switchable amp
Son of the Original Boogie
meaning it is original Boogie circuitry with no bells and whistles
6L6 's i believe     sweet
Iquess they have been doing the open back closed back
 thing, along time now

Audio Electronic Supply AE-1 Single Ended Triode Stereo Preamplifier
 -- Pure Class A tube preamplifier,
 6SN7 tubes. Billington gold tubes
Audio Electronic Supply, 111A Woodwinds Industrial Court,
 Cary, North Carolina (a subsidiary of Cary Audio Design)