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Tube Amp Hall of Fame #38
Custom 30 ,with a 1x12 cab
matched pair of EL34's
2x12,2-100 watt 12" George Scholz drivers
JMP ON A HiWatt 100
inpeckable wireing
inspected in 1978
100watt Hiwatt
HiWatt slave kt 88's
1969 Sound City L100 pre Hiwatt 100 Watt Head

some extra on Sound city and Hiwatt
Hiwatt's seem to sound the best through vintage Fane's,
 the Sound City L100's sound great

Dave Reeves who started Hiwatt originally worked for Dallas Arbiter as their chief engineer and designer.
He designed the 100 watt Sound City L100 years before he started Hiwatt.
If I understand correctly, when Dallas Arbiter made plans to cut corners to lower production costs he didn't agree to no avail and decided to resign and start his own company.
The first Hiwatt 100's where made side by side with the last of the Sound City 100's at the Hylight factory.
Dave Reeves and Harry Joyce where directly involved with both as Dave reeves was transitioning from Sound City to Hiwatt.
From early 68 and older the 100's had a brass front panel (almost the exact amp)
They came with non-effective master volume and four volumes (hence an extra pre-amp tube like a PA), one volume per input and just treble and bass.
The L100 doesn't have a master (one can easily be installed without damage) and sound tremendous just like they are.
They have very effective tone controls (treble, bass, midrange and presence) and each channel is voiced different.

The 100's where also used by Townsend until he went with Hiwatt because of Dave Reeves leaving Sound City and starting Hiwatt and because Sound City stopped making the 100's soon after Hiwatt started up.

Dallas Arbiter (Sound City) probably stopped making the 100's because Hiwatt's primary amp was the 100 watt and they also wanted to make a more powerful amp like the 120 watt ones, which are pretty good sounding but don't compare with the 100's.