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Tube Amp Hall of Fame #40

Completed 6n1p Gilmore Jr and 2xEL84 Ardmore Kits
Gilmore Jr (1/2 Watt) and Ardmore (~8 Watt) Kits
 designed by Gerhart Amplification's tone wizard,
Gary Gerhart.

damn nice stuff
Supro Statesman guitar amplifier Model S6699
and matching 2 x 12 speaker cabinet,
this is probably Supro's top of the line amp around 1965.
4 RCA 6L6 power tubes
Harman Kardon, 6l6's
Award Series A50K
I use to have one of these, it is a monster

Model HK-250  Stereo
25 Watts per channel

spy satelite pic of these lazy tubes,
 just lying arround in the sun.
shamefull, put those things to work!!!